Bookmarklet 'Selection' query re. Pictures

Whenever I use the bookmarklet ‘Selection’ in Safari any pictures within the selection are not transferred with the text. I presume that this is deliberate but wonder if there is a way in which a selection of text and pictures can be made? Cheers.

The “Selection” bookmarklet does only plain text.

Have you tried click-hold-dragging a selection from Safari to the DEVONthink dock icon? Depending on your import settings (Preferences > Import > Destination) this will go into your destination group as a .webarchive containing just that selection. This works well with selections that include images as well as text. Generally, the way OS X works, dragging selections out of Safari get the best results.

As with anything in clipper-dom, though, YMMV depending on the site you are clipping or dragging selections from.

Thanks korm for this, I knew there would be a best way to do it somewhere. :smiley: