Bookmarklet to upload to Pro Office server?

I just upgraded to Pro Office - had to have external access, even with an iPad/iPhone app in the works soon. I’m happy with it, but am wondering - is there a bookmarklet or programmatic way I can upload a web page I’m viewing to DT Pro Office from wherever I’m externally browsing (in other words, not from the home machine that the database lives on.) From the iPad/iPhone browser would be great, but even from another machine…




Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you, but I am interested in the same thing and am looking through the forum for suggestions. One thing I wanted to note – to put a bug in the ear of the fine Devon folks. Devon talks about being our smart information assistant, which it is for the most part, but one thing that is lacking is we are using DevonThink in ways that the Devon folks know about – Web, mobile, multiple devices, multiple computers – but I don’t think they’ve caught up with yet. As usual, we’re outpacing development. So I sure would like for Devon to catch up with us and how we are using the product, where, on what devices – like an iPad, like seeing something in Mobile Safari and wanting to capture it but can’t because our Devon DBs are elsewhere.

Hope you get your answer.