Bookmarklet zooms off the screen!

I’m using DT bookmarklet for Safari and I’m finding that when I have a page zoomed in Safari the bookmarklet window is zoomed as well. This causes the bookmarklet popup to show with the buttons off the bottom of the page on my Macbook. I thought if there were a way to allow page zooming without this impacting the bookmarklet that might solve the issue. Anyhow, that’s my suggestion.

Unfortunately, as the bookmarklet actually becomes part of the web page itself (it’s HTML code ‘injected’ live into the web page code), it’s not possible to prevent it from being zoomed as well, together with all other items of the web page. This is out of our control and solely in the displaying browser’s, I am afraid.

Thanx for the reply. I guess there are other options, such as just using the shortcut key to create a web archive.