Bookmarklets don't work in Camino

Apologies if I initially posted this in the wrong place.

I’m having trouble getting the archive bookmarklet to work in Camino. It works fine in Safari; it Camino, it just produces a blank tab. Would appreciate any help or insight into the problem. Thanks.

Comment: I don’t use Camino or Firefox when I’m pulling down information from the Web into my DT Pro databases. The reason is that these browsers are not based on Apple’s Cocoa code, so they are not fully compatible with OS X Services. They are also weak in AppleScript dictionaries, so scripts are at best minimally available for interaction with DT Pro.

My favorite capture mode for Web content is as a rich text note containing selected text and images. That’s available as an OS X Service in Safari, and also as a contextual menu option in DEVONagent and in DT Pro’s built-in browser. But it’s not available as a Service in Camino or Firefox. The best Camino can do is a plain text note capture, without formatting, hyperlinks, structures such as tables and without images. Even so, Camino does a bit better on Services than does Firefox.

Note that the documentation for Bookmarklets in online Help mentions Safari and DEVONagent. They may work in other browsers, but experience may vary.

Thanks. Knowing that will save a lot of time.

Bill - that seems to be a pretty serious shortcoming. I’m surfing the web using a handful of browsers all the time… having to switch to safari to pull in to DThink kind of defeats the purpose of having a convenient bookmark-let. Are there any plans to rectify this?

John, the problem is that some browsers are less integrated with OS X Services and with AppleScript than are others.

In Safari, DEVONagent and DEVONthink’s own browser there are 6 Services available to capture rich or plain text selections, to append rich or plain text selections (to the previously captured document using Services), to Lookup a selected text string in the DEVONthink database, or to summarize text and save the summary to the database.

Camino provides 4 of the 6 Services available to DEVONthink. It can’t provide the two I use most, rich text captures. I do 99% of Web captures as rich text of selected text and images from Web pages, so as to avoid extraneous material such as ads and unrelated text content. So I can’t use Camino.

Your global scripts menu has a subheading for Camino scripts when Camino is frontmost. There is a script there that will capture a WebArchive of the page being viewed in Camino. Another script can capture selected text, but only plain text, with no images or hyperlinks. There are similar scripts under the DEVONthink Pro subheading, but with the same limitations.

There is limited AppleScript access to Camino, because its developers have not included an extensive AppleScript dictionary.

Firefox is even more limited in Services. It provides no Services at all. But the WebArchive and Bookmark bookmarklets do work with Firefox when dragged onto the Firefox bookmarks bar.

Only the developers of a browser can provide Services compatibility and an AppleScript dictionary to allow interactions with other Mac programs.

People choose browsers for a variety of reasons, from aesthetics to specific features. I use Firefox sometimes, but when I want to rapidly pull down information to my DT Pro Office databases I’ll switch to DEVONagent because it has the largest number of options for that purpose. I get more work done more quickly.

Thanks for taking the time to explain. I really appreciate it.