Several forum messages refer to use of the Devonthink bookmarklets on the iPad with DTTG. Could somebody please explain how to install these? Do they only work on iPad Safari, or also on alternative browsers, such as Atomic?



I am also very interested in this question.

Both Safari and Atomic Web include the bookmarks I’ve set on the Mac to which the iPad is synced.

In either browser on my iPad I can capture to DT To Go as HTML or a Bookmark the page being viewed, using a Bookmarklet that’s included in the Bookmarks Bar.

Sorry, Bill, could you clarify? Where can we find the code for these bookmarklets? Are you referring to the good old DevonThink bookmarklets that were obsoleted by the Safari extension?

HI there!

A working code for a bookmarklet on the iPad is the following:


It changes to DTTG-App, saves your current website in Safari mobile to DTTG into the Inbox and then opens it.
It is a workaround for me since switching from Safari to DTTG takes some time, switching back takes some time, too.
It’s not exactly a fluent work"flow"!

Indeed I am a bit surprised that DTTG isnt capable of capturing some stuff from web, mail etc. With its limitations its lese useful than some available freeware. Isn’t capturing things from the web one of the most important features in DTP? Well, for me it is. And as a ‘passive’ application that is just capable of showing me files from my office computer it appears rather useless for me.
Particularly since the “viewing-only-functionality” doesnt even work reliably either (yet).
Yesterday i read here in the forum that if you delete folders that you have replicated into the sync group you also delete the original files. Uhh, Helloooo?
Of course, some might say now I should be aware of the differences between replicating, copying and whatsoever since it is explained clearly in the manuals and the forums and everywhere in the world. So everyone should know that… But hey, isnt that the exact opposite of what mac users expect? I dont want to know how to possibly use things the best way, I want to use them!!!
I just want to check or uncheck the folders I want to sync. Nothing more and nothing less. Telling users (in the “first steps in DTTG” section) to just replicate folders into the sync group to sync them seems a bit uhm … idiotic to me if you dont tell them in the same paragraph how to “delete” or “unsync” files. Explaing how to use a bookmarklet om the iPad would be another helpful hint!
And to be honest: with all that rebuilding, optimizing and repairing databases in order to find errors with DTTG I do have lost some files in the last week. And yes, I DO HAVE backups!
But after hours (or shouldI say ‘after days’?) of trial and error (and that is what using DTTG at the moment appears to me) one is completely lost, moves/replicates/copies files forwards and backwards in order to get that stuff finally working for that we all have ridiculously impatiently been waiting for. To be honest, I believe (I really do love DTP, I’m an admirer and user of DTPO) that at the present stage DTTG is not good for anything. I really really hope you get all the bugs fixed and come up with the required features very soon! I know that not everything is possible on the ipad for several reasons. But most of the things users that use DTTG as a companion to their DTPO need is possible and widely implemented in other parties’ apps.

It is perfectly okay for me (and probably for other users, too) to arrange with some bugs or some things I/they would prefer to have in a different way.
But overall DTTG must be an app that makes our lifes easier, not more complicated!

Regards from Germany,