Bookmarks and DEVONthink

DEVONthink and DA have made their way into my top 10 most used and loved apps (along with Emacs, Virtual PC, Photoshop, OmniOutliner, NetNewsWire, Adium, Speed Download, and a few others).

I have been using DA as my default browser for about four months now, and only turn to Safari for certain things (for example, DA cannot browse a site with an expired security certificate, whereas Safari can ignore it and still continue).

I’ve keenly felt the lack of Bookmarks, but realized today that I don’t really want bookmark management in DA. What I would much prefer is the ability to target DA at a particular DEVONthink folder in my hierarchy, and have it draw out (hierarchically) all of the URL and WebArchive documents in that tree. The reason for drawing out WebArchive is that it would let me ‘restart’ from a particular point in past browsing.

I already use a “Bookmarks” group in DEVONthink, and I add all my new bookmarks there using Cmd-Shift-I and then moving them from the Top Group to the Bookmarks folder. Then when I want to browse, I go to the Bookmarks section and double-click to open the URL in DA. It would be great if DA could bypass all of that extra work for me, and just store Bookmarks there automatically, and populate a drop-down menu with them when I open a browsing window.

Thanks for the great tools!

Yes, I’ve been using DA for about 2 weeks, and I find it great. It also seems to me that the natural browsing companion for DA is DTPro. What I’d like to be able to export a hierarchy of internet bookmarks (nexus type files) from DTPro to the finder as an HTML file, with clickable links (reflecting the hierarchy and with a nice style, if possible).

This way, when browsing with DA, we could record interesting bookmarks in DTPro. Later, use the features of DTPro to select, classify, comment, etc… our new bookmarks, and export the whole stuff to an HTML file. This file could be used as a starting page for DA, or simply remain in the finder, and set to be opened automatically with DA. This would provide some kind of bookmarks synchronization between DTPro and DA.

Another question: is the cogwheel menu (on the upper right corner of DA’s window) configurable ( add some items, scripts, etc…)?



This is already on the list of possible future enhancements but won’t be part of the initial v2.0 release.

No, it’s not (yet) configurable.