"Bookmarks" do not seem to accept links to PDF pages

The title should be self-explanatory: I would like to create a few DevonThink bookmarks linking me directly to a particular page within a PDF
(x-devonthink-item://…). It currently seems impossible to do this…

Is there a workaround? Unfortunately, replicants scrolled to the page in question would not work, as all replicants of a document seem to share a common “current page” attribute.

Thank you.

In the sidebar of a DT PDF display, right click and chose “Copy Page Link”. This puts a link on the clipboard, in this form:


I mention this, because you may also use the Edit > Copy Item Link command, paste the link in your destination, then modify the link with ?page=n

Page numbers start with 0 (zero) - so page “2” is really page “3”.

Thanks, korm. I’m indeed aware of the facilities that you mention. What I am unable to do, however, is create a bookmark containing such a URL (Data > New > Bookmark). DevonThink bookmarks accept “http://” and “https:// URLs”, possibly other types of URLs as well, but not “x-devonthink-item://” URLs.

UPDATE: I realized that any kind of URL is acceptable as a bookmark, but for some reason only the contents of “http://” and “https://” bookmarks are displayed in the main DevonThink window. Other types of bookmarks (such as x-devonthink-item://) can only be opened by double clicking on them, which spawns a new window.

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