Bookmarks in DA

I have learnd now, that DA have no own bookmark manager, which is a pity, because I thought I could use DA as default browser for my research, and Safari fo the rest.

(Or is there any other way to handle this?)

Anyway, will DA get a bookmark manager in a future version? And when?

Thanks in advance.


It will get a bookmark manager but can’t promise you yet when this will be.


Are you into social bookmarking at all? And do you use Quicksilver?

I recently learned that Quicksilver has a social bookmarks module that let’s you launch either delicious or magnolia bookmarks. The speed with which you can launch bookmarks with quicksilver is a thing to behold.

I once was irked about this DA limitation as well, now it really doesn’t matter to me. The only thing I would lke in DA now is a bookmarklet to add bookmarks to delicious and magnolia.

Quicksilver can also launch Safari bookmarks with lightning speed too.

I know this thread is a few years old by now, and though I have been a DT and DA user for some time, I would just like to possibly spur things on by mentioning that the only thing keeping me from using DA as my primary browser is its lack of ability to add bookmarks.

Configuring to Leopard is a major priority right now, I am sure. I finally just signed on to the forum to add my input (and relieve a bit of frustration). There is just simply no better browser out there, and I would like to use it exclusively.



The next release will be just maintenance to improve Leopard support but bookmark mamagement is definitely targeted for a later 2.x release.

Thank you, that’s good news. One couldn’t ask for much more than that.



It’s now a little over three years since the OP.

DA no longer talks to Firefox Bookmarks, making the DA preference to do so redundant ( see my workaround here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=10472 ).

I would like to ask the developers to please let users know when DA will have its own bookmarking system. I have been using DA for a few months now and I find the absence of any internal bookmarking capacity to be incredibly frustrating. In this day and age it just seems weird and highly impracticable for software of such promise and depth to be missing such an obvious tool.

So, when we have proper bookmarking in DA, independant of the arcane “look for bookmarks elsewhere” model?

I am really really pleased to say that this facility is now available in DA 2.5b6
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

sounds good

Version 2.5b6 has the fix for the problem in the previous version (bookmarks not working at all), and the presentation has been improved by dividing the browser window (rather than the old pop-out), and the addition of a thumbnail view option.
However, the Help still says there is currently no bookmarks manager, which seems to be incorrect and therefore needs updating, because it will probably mislead some users (like myself) who find the bookmarks preferences set to the default browser, the bookmarks editing options ghosted in the Go menu, and the DevonAgent bookmarks list empty (all conspiring to confirm what the Help page says).
The Help page will presumably be changed to instruct on bookmark editing: a) set bookmarks to DevonAgent in the preferences, b) import bookmarks from your current browser from the File menu. Voila - DevonAgent 2.5b6 is now the perfect browser for dovetailing finds into DevonThink.
As if this wasn’t enough, the plugins for searching through web forums and blogs seem to have been improved, and you can now see search results fill up your browser window as the search runs. The overall feel is a much better. It’s good to see niggles anticipated as well as addressed.

It’s not a public beta and therefore the documentation hasn’t been updated yet.