Hi, I just wanted to say that I am impressed with the browser in Devon Agent and have set it as my default browser. On my system (eMac) it is faster than Safari or Opera. The ability to set and modify bookmarks directly in DA would be the icing on the cake.

I agree. I think this is the only thing holding me back from making it my default browser.



Thank you for the feedback. Editing of bookmarks will come but at the moment I can’t promise it for the initial 2.0 release. But nonetheless this has a high priority.

I third the motion- Adding editable bookmarks and a bar would make DA much more useful as a default browser, as would pref. settings for homepage and download folder.

I’m not sure if a bookmarks bar makes sense if there’s already a bookmarks drawer (supporting “tabbed groups” in v2.0 too). And as soon as editing of bookmarks will be available, one will be able to drag links just to the desired bookmark group that way. That’s IMHO much more more easier than the “Add bookmark” sheet of Safari.

The bookmark drawer is not the most convenient or user friendly implementation of bookmarks… In case you wanted my opinion :wink:

I agree that the add bookmark sheet of Safari is pretty useless, but I suspect I’m not alone in using the bar as a repository for folders that you can drag bookmarks to. Nevertheless, I have nothing against the drawer; more important to me is that the bookmarks be editable and that I can set DA’s own homepage and download folder. Being able to easily choose a different download folder on the fly would be even better- and allow us to immediately place downloads by type, say.

i’d have to agree with needing to be able to add bookmarks. I just drove myself crazy trying to figure out how to do this only to realize that it isn’t possible. it’s pretty much a hallmark of a web browser I think.

I might have mentioned this before but the ability to sink DA bookmarks with a bookmarks folder in DT would be great too. I want a really good web browser, and am hoping DA will become what I want it to be, otherwise I’ll have to look towards omniweb or something.

I would add my voice to an optional bookmarks bar, it is very handy for frequently used sites.

I don’t mind the Bookmarks Drawer, but I hope that when the time comes that Bookmarks can be added directly from the objects drawer. (and the ability to set a homepage is a definite must!)

Those things are on the list of upcoming features but probably won’t be part of the final v2.0 release (but hopefully of a 2.x release).

At the moment the most important job is to finish tabbed browsing - the bar in the first public beta was more or less just a prototype but it will be almost complete (and fast) by the end of the day :slight_smile:

So after tabbed browsing comes Bookmark add and edit?

Is there a list or thread or elist that says what future upgrades and implimentations will be?

Any rough estimate of release date for v2 and subsequently edit bookmarks ability?

There’s no such list as things might change from time to time :wink: However, v2 will be available in Q1/06.

here’s an idea if you don’t like the idea of a bookmarks bar- what about the ability to have a number of bookmarks assigned to shortcut keys (like comman-shift-#). This would save the GUI from changing but give the ability to quickly move to frequented sights.