Bouncy-boing for Rich Append - bring it back! (plz)

One thing new in the last previous few builds was the bouncing dock icon when one appends to a rich text. This behaviour now seems to be gone, and I sure did like it as confirmation that my append did, in fact, “take.”

I know it’s trivial functionality, but hey, while you’re elbows-deep in code, can’t hurt to bring it up!

yes please, I need it, too.

It’s bouncing over here. Which service and which version/edition are you using?

Oh man, you guys always have me second-guessing my sanity. It’s good. I need someone like that. :laughing:

Right. So if one does a ‘Take Rich Note’, using the selector which allows one to choose into which group the snippet goes, one gets a dock bounce.

Then, if one does an ‘Append Rich Note’, one does NOT get a dock bounce.

*** In neither of the tasks above has the new item EVER been selected/focused on in DTP.

THEN, go select the new item in DTP, to insure the newer appends have been ‘done’.

Yep, they’re there.

THEREAFTER, the dock bounces for the ‘append’ task, regardless of which thing is selected in DTP.

In different words, the act of selecting the item in DTP is what gives the append function the ability to bounce the dock. If the item has never been selected, the append act does not bounce the dock. And the very circumstance where one cannot -see- that the appends have been done are the cases where one needs some visual confirmation that they have, indeed, been done. So it is those times when it is needed the most. If I can -see- the item in question and see the appends being added, then who cares about the dock icon.

MAN, I need a holiday after all that work! :unamused:

(DTP pb5)

The Dock icon is bouncing over here without selecting the taken or appended note. However, the icon is not bounced if the application is active (e.g. due to the group selector). Maybe that’s the difference?

Thank you for your patience, Christian, and I know this is not a priority item.

I cannot get the bounce on append. Here is your last message, taken into DTPpb5:
(never leaving Safari, never making DTP ‘active’)

– highlight in Safari, do TRN keystroke, get selector, choose inbox (and get a bounce, but don’t care because I have the selector to tell me it is going ‘in’ to DTP. :slight_smile:

– do append keystroke, NO visual confirmation at all. No bounce, no nuthin.

– do append keystroke, NO visual confirmation at all. No bounce, no nuthin.

– do append keystroke, NO visual confirmation at all. No bounce, no nuthin.

BUT, all the appends worked, even though there was no way for the user to feel comfortable that it did indeed happen.

Aha! It’s related to the group selector because the application is in a semi-active state afterwards. The next beta will always bounce the Dock icon after using services.

cgrunenberg == 8)

I wouldn’t mind optional audio feedback, e.g. like Circus Ponies NoteBook clipping service.

Exactly! I wish the dock bounce could be tied to the system sound effect as well. Not sure it would have to be optional in an upcoming beta if coding time is scarce for the Devon team, because one could always turn the volume down on the computer; the sound option can be added in later.

Can anybody suggest a way to make the thing stop bouncing, preferably (but not necessarily) via applescript? I have my scripts and the preferences option to pop up a group selector whenever I import things from elsewhere. Whenever I have to spend some time locating or creating the appropriate group in the selector the icon keeps jumping up and down on the left of my screen, irritating me no end. Easy enough to make it stop by clicking on it, but, if the group selection overlay appears, clearly I can see it and all the jumping just irritates me… No big deal, but…

I don’t really mind that the Dock icon keeps bouncing while I’m figuring out the destination for a new item.

But it would drive me nuts if it kept boinging, too. :slight_smile:

OH the horror! :open_mouth: :astonished: :open_mouth: :imp:

I’m with ya, buddy…

Just turn off the sound. :laughing: I find all the different sounds and noises coming from the Mac to be pretty distracting. Not to mention the new appliances that beep, ding, chime, and burp at the end of different cycles.

You, me, and everyone else in proximity of it. :slight_smile:

I’d expect a single audio event for each user-initiated capture regardless of any Dock bouncing.

I’m sorry if this is too basic—just familiarizing myself with the software: Where is this group selector located? I cannot find it anywhere in the contextual or the “services” menu.

Also, I cannot find the “append” command anywhere, either.

(DT Pro Office 2.0pb7, Snow Leopard 10.6.2)

Thank you.

See Preferences > Import - Destination.

That’s a Service command to send selected text appended to the last-created rich text note.

Thank you, Bill. I still cannot find this service, however. What kind of data should I select for it to appear? It certainly does not show up when I select text and/or images.

As you are running OS X 10.6.2, if you are looking at a Web page in a browser that recognizes Services (not Firefox) and select some text, Control-click (right click) on it.

You should see in the list of contextual menu options a Services submenu. Click on it. If you don’t see the ‘Append rich text’ option, you need to go to Services Preferences and activate that Service by checking its box.

As noted, not all applications recognize Services. And even some such as Pages may not display the contextual menu options subfolder for Services, but (for older Pages documents at least) retain the list of Services in a submenu under the application name in the menu bar. (Apple’s UI for Services in Snow Leopard seems confusing.)

Finally, applications that use Services must be located in the Applications folder, and after being newly installed, a logout/login or restart is necessary to activate Services.