Breadcrumb trail within a database

One feature I really like about DevonThink is when I capture text from a web site, I can go back to it within DevonThink and find the url I copied it from, making it easy to go back and, say, find the citation information while writing a report.

I was wondering if the was same way to do this internally.

For example, say I have a pdf in a database. I read a useful bit, select it, and extract it. It now appears, in the same database as a rich text clip, seperate from the pdf.

Is there a way to provide some information back to the pdf I copied the clip of text from automatically, rather than having to try to find the pdf all over again?

This would be extremely valuable.

Not automatically.

But as I want to note the source of the excerpt I captured as a text note, I usually either do that in the Name of the excerpt, or by copying the Name of the PDF document into the excerpt’s Comment field.

So if I do a Lookup (Command-/) on the portion of the excerpt document’s Name that’s the same as the PDF, or on the Name of the PDF that I had placed in the Comment field, I can quickly see the source PDF.

Another approach I often use is to select some of the text in the excerpt document, double-click on the selection and choose Link To. Choose the source PDF as the link target. Click on the link and the source PDF opens.

Does this last paragraph’s advice, linking to another pdf in the same database work in DevonThink (not Pro) ?

Yes, from within a rich text document you can select some text, Control-click (right click) on it and choose the contextual menu option to link to any other document in your database.