Bring all to front menu greyed out - can’t bring DT main window to front

When working with DEVONthink on the Mac, I frequently run into the problem that I can’t bring the main window of DT to the front. So I can’t get to the main window if I have several documents open, sometimes PDFs. I’m trying to select BRING ALL TO FRONT under the Window pull-down menu, but it is greyed out. Is any help available with this problem?

We have no other such reports, so no.

Please provide more information about your setup, e.g., multi-monitor or not, how are you trying to bring windows to the front initially, are you minimizing windows, etc.

MacBook Pro M1 Max with 3 Apple XDR Pro Displays. I’m usually opening a couple of documents from the main window of DT, also PDFs in PDFpen Pro; then, say, I want to go back to the DT main window to find some other document, and I can’t get there. If I finally manage to get to the DT main window (sometimes I don’t know how I end up there), and if I search for BRING ALL TO FRONT under the Window pull-down menu, it is greyed out.

This might be a bug, we’ll check this.

Might be actually a bug of Ventura, it’s the same in other apps (contrary to Monterey).