bring DT to front + open specific group

For my work a script that does the following would be incredible useful:

The script should

  • bring DTP to the front
  • open a specific group (with a unique name in an open database) in a new window in 3-pane view (cmd-5)

In addition I would love to have the same script with the addition that it opens a ‘phone note’.

I hope this is possible and not too much to ask. Even if it is simple it will not be simple for as I’m poor at scripting. I have looked through the complete scripting board, but couldn’t find something like this.

I hope someone kind and competent here can help me.

Kind regards,

The scriptless, and fastest, way is to do the following: select the group in the groups pane of three-panes view, choose Edit > Copy Item Link, and you will then have on the clipboard a unique custom URL that links to that group, such as:


WIth this, make a bookmark document: Data > New > Bookmark. Paste the URL, give the document a name, save, and then drag the document to the desktop or wherever. Double click, and DT opens (or launches if closed) and reveals your group. The custom URL can also be used in a Safari, etc., bookmark. It can be pasted used in documents that support links, and so forth. You may use this technique for any and as many groups or documents as you wish, and thus avoid the hardcoding implicit in making a script for this. Your view settings will be whatever you have defined for that database.

As for the phone note template, just assign a keyboard shortcut to it and use it anywhere [edit: anywhere within DT] (append something like ___Cmd-Alt-P to the template name so that you get Phone Note___Cmd-Alt-P.dtTemplate — that is three underscores in the name. Use something that doesn’t conflict with other keystrokes on your machine.)

Great! Thank you very much, korm!

This really helps. I can start the bookmark with LaunchBar like I would do with a script. This is 99% perfect for me. :smiley:

I ran a business alone and when it gets dynamic, I have to note a lot of requests and information from many sides very quickly. In such situations I tend to use what let’s me take a note the fastest way and would usually note my text in whatever TextEdit document is open at that time and sort the content later. Ok, now with DT I assigned a hotkey to the “Take note”-option of the sorter, but that still needs sorting afterwards.

With the script I asked for and your alternative method I can put the stuff directly where it belongs. Wonderful! I can really work with this.
Still, if there is a solution (or script) that would include opening the “phone note” so I could instantly typewrite, I would be even more happy.

Thanks! I already found the option to append shuch a shortcut and already did. Again, this speeds up my work.
What do you mean with “and use it anywhere”? The shortcut works within DT but not systemwide, right? At least here it is that way.

Use it anywhere within DT

I’d write a script, but having no use for it myself the above method is my lazy solution. Since you’ve decided to type a note anyway, what’s the difference with typing an additional keystroke? :confused:

Or, since you like using LaunchBar, you could follow this technique and send an email to yourself using LaunchBar that gets routed to DT.

With DT there are always many solutions to every need.

Thanks for the mail-method! I guess I prefer the method you gave me in the beginning.

What is wrong with asking for the shortest route?

One could also ask me, what is so slow about calling DT via LaunchBar, clicking on a favourite and keystroking the shortcut for the note? Isn’t that fast enough? Yep, usually it is, but that’s three steps and as I explained, I am often enough in a situation, where I want the fastest option to drop infos, memos, tasks etc… Customers in the shop, a supplier on the phone, another customer calling on the second phone, carriers delivering goods at the same time and so on.

For that my favorite option would be a one-step solution. It’s not about the half of a second that it would gain, it’s more about how I behave when stressed. It’s about simplicity.

Please don’t get me wrong: As I wrote earlier, your bookmark-method is great and I can live happily with it and the additional keystroke!

Thank you for your time and support!