Bring Twitter, Pocket favorites into DTPRO

I found this YouTube video from 2010 showing how to bring in Twitter and Pocket Favorites into DTPRO.

Is this still possible with the current version of DTPRO?

If not, any suggestions on how to bring in my Pocket and Twitter Favorites to DTPRO?


I got a Pinboard account, then set IFTTT recipes to copy my Twitter and Pocket recipes to it. Then i subscribed DTPO to my Pinboard’s RSS feed. If I star something on Twitter, it’s in my inbox a short time later.

Great idea!

what do mean by Twitter RECIPE?

Also could you send a link to the IFTT recipe that takes favorites from Pocket and Twitter and sends it to Pinboard!


I used … n-pinboard).

BTW, Pinboard can handle Twitter on its own. I just like the IFTTT version better as I have more control of the tags it sets.

PS: Twitter “recipe” was a typo for “favorite”. My brain was stuck on the former.