Broken links in emails

I’ve added emails from Apple Mail to Devonthink 3.7.2, but none of the links inside emails is working. I can only ctrl+click and choose to copy link, opening links from this dialog box is not working too.

Any advice?

Do you use the standard view or the alternate view for emails (in case that you’re using the Pro or Server edition)?

I’m not using Pro ? Server edition.
In View menu I see Document Display and then Best and Text Alternative, but cant change the view, they’re greyed out.

The standard view of emails in the standard edition is based on Quick Look and limited (like the link handling in this case).

So the solution is to buy Pro license?

Or to open them externally, e.g. in Mail, or to copy the link and then use it in your default browser.

Thank you!

Remember that nothing in the email source says “this is a link”. The viewing application that has features to show active links has filters to translate any thing that looks like a link into an active link.

Hence the recommendation to use Mail or a browser as they do that sort of thing. Apple’s Quick View doesn’t do that. Why not? Ask Apple, I guess.

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