Broken ScanSnap>DTPO interaction

I tried to scan from my ScanSnap (SS) today only to have it open in a Preview window. I haven’t changed anything. DTPO isn’t an option for SS to scan to in the settings anymore. I rebooted my computer and relaunched DTPO and got the “DTPO isn’t the application for SS…” (or something like that) and clicked on the fix it button. Same results. SS scans to Preview and there isn’t a DTPO choice in the applications to scan to in the SS settings. I don’t use this feature often, but when I do, I use it heavily and rely on it quite a bit. The alternative of scanning to a file and then importing and OCRing in DTPO is the obvious workaround, but I’d much rather have the full functionality back.


Make sure to upgrade to ScanSnap Manager version 2.1: it has a new preference format that we support. It seems 2.0 falls in a gap between 1.x and 2.1. The next maintenance release will fix this and also fix the nasty QuickMenu setting. Currently you need to switch that off manually for our settings to work.