Browse by date

My track record indicates that Bill will answer this request with a description of how it’s already available. Please let it be so. :wink:

I wish I could browse my DTPro database by date, a la Journler. I don’t necessarily need the polished interface that Journler offers (though a polished interface would be nice), but I’d love to be able to quickly see everything I tossed into the database on a particular day, regardless of where I’ve since filed it. This would simplify the process of tossing unfinished thoughts into DEVONthink like a notebook, rather than try to reserve it for more polished stuff.

Of course, this might be the wrong thing to ask. I’ve noticed that many people wander over to this forum and ask for features to make DEVONthink more like application X or Y without considering that DEVONthink intentionally isn’t X or Y. I don’t want DEVONthink to be Yojimbo, for instance. And I don’t want DEVONthink to become Journler.

But I do want to simplify my life. And if I can keep my open apps limited to DEVONthink and DEVONagent all the better.

Use Tools > History. This lists all items in the database in chronologic order.


Blast you, Devonian gods! (shakes fist at the sky!) Is there nothing your software can’t do? And why can’t you build a more intuitive interface?

:wink: Thanks, Eric. That’ll work for me.