Browser extension giving unexpected results

In the last few days the browser extension in both Safari and Chrome has been returning unexpected results. When I want to clip a webpage, I usually indicate either a pdf or pdf (paginated). What shows up in DTPO is an html document.

Anyone know what’s going on and what to do to fix this problem?

Depending on system preferences, the paginated PDF option might fail on El Capitan. The next maintenance release will fix this, in the meantime you could print web pages to DEVONthink. This grabs title & URL too.

Thanks for that information.

In the meantime, in addition to the print option I’ve discovered it’s possible to convert the html document to a pdf by using the actions button in DTPO.

A few days ago, I posted this topic:
[url]Get a pdf-copy of almost any document into DT inbox fast]

Using this you can get paginated pdfs into DT from Safari and other sources by just pressing cmd-P-P.

Further testing revealed that the problem does not show up on my old iMac which is also running El Capitan. That makes me think the problem is with my MacBook Pro. You hinted that there might be a problem with the system settings. Any suggestions on what I might change there that would solve the problem?

It depends on the visibility of scrollbars (see System Preferences > General) and therefore whether there’s a mouse or trackpad available.

+1 to fix. The plugin’s not working has negatively impacted my workflow to a great degree.