Bubble Gum Shortcut

Your recent blog post on bubble gum got me to try it out, as I am a heavy user of url-links between Things, Drafts, and DEVONthink (To Go). Very nice, but… it seems as if the DEVONthink Resource only searches in the Global Inbox. I tried to change the setting in the „source code“ (in bubble gum in the Shortcuts App), but can only select either inbox or any of my databases, but not all. This seems to be a limitation of the Shortcuts command „Find Items“. Is there a workaround so that I can use bubble gum to find links in „all of my DEVONthink“?

Update: This might be a workaround from the forum, have to try.
Update 2: That workaround by @BLUEFROG works as described, thanks! I also changed the output of the Drafts, Things, DTTG links to markdown links;-)

You’re welcome :slight_smile: