Bug? 3-Pane View/Tagging and jumping of position

Hello all,

Would appreciate guidance on if this is happening with anyone else, and how one could even go about properly ‘reporting’ something so seemingly arbitrary?

In 3-pane view, working through a series of ‘new’ PDFs that I am wanting to tag, based on their contents. Select the PDF, start scrolling through the content in the 3-pane window (i.e. have not opened the PDF in a new window).

More often than not, as soon as I click into the tag-‘bar’ at the bottom of the screen, the selection randomly jumps to a completely different PDF in that group. I then need to scroll up again, to where I was, and re-select the PDF I was busy trying to tag.

As soon as I hit the tab-bar, to try and add tags, it often jumps again – other times, allows me to enter the tags in the selected PDF. There does not appear to be a pattern associated with this behaviour - but it is quite annoying!

Anyone else seeing this behaviour?

DTPO 2.9.14 on macOS 10.12.6.

So far I couldn’t reproduce this over here and the Tags bar shouldn’t have any impact on the selection or scroll position. Does this only happen with PDF documents? Is the Tags bar empty before clicking on it? If you’re able to reproduce this, could you send a screenrecording to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply - appears to be limited to PDFs, but will check with RTFs as well.
The tag bar is empty OR has one/two tag entries already, doesn’t appear to make a difference.

Will look at a quick/easy screen-record, and send it through.

Ok. The ‘fix’ to this bug appears to involve firing up a screen-recording app, to try and capture it! :unamused:

4 days of this, and as soon as I try and capture it - nothing. How typical. :slight_smile:

Will keep a closer watch on precisely what I am doing, and if it triggers, will try and reproduce enough to be able to capture and send through.

Ok. Happened again, and managed to capture it. Will send through an email shortly with a Dropbox link.