Bug? conversion of docx (few words + one image) to pdf, md, html and rich text: no images


I tested on a few MS Word docx files, using Data>Convert

I tried conversion of docx to pdf, md, html and rich text and in all cases, images were absent from the destination.

My last attempt was with a very simple word file containing a few words and one image.

It’s a pain because an app I am using for annotations called Liquid Text can only decently export annotations to docx, a format which I strongly dislike.

thank you

There are formatting features of Word that DT3 does not handle.

If you have access to Word, you can simply print to PDF. I think Google Docs can also do that for Word files.

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thank you !

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One other really important point

From Word you should choose “Save PDF to Devonthink 3” - that will let you save it to whatever destination you want inside of DT3. It will be saved properly within the database.

Do NOT try to manually create a new file inside DT3 by browsing within the DT3 database structure; that’s an invitation for problems.


exactly what I was doing wrong, so your comment is very helpful. Thanks again very much

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