BUG - 'create web document from' broke recently

I have a script that downloads web pages into DT using ‘create web document from’. The websites all require me to login. This script has been working fine up until recently. My workflow is: 1) Login to site in DT web browser 2) run script to download pages.

Now the script just captures a bunch of “Not Logged In” pages. Interestingly enough ‘download markup from’ still can download the protected content correctly. I went back to version 2.4.0 (from 2.5.1) and capturing starting working again. So I am pretty convinced that it is DT that is broken, and it happened recently.

Let me know what other info you need to debug, if any. Thanks.

Could you share a bit more about the origin of the script … and perhaps post the script itself?

Sometimes (not often) scripts can fixed by opening them in AppleScript editor and recompiling against the latest version of an application.

Have you cleared the cache in DEVONthink (DEVONthink > Empty Cache)?

While logged into a site in DEVONthink, have you tried the various contextual menu “capture” options in DEVONthink – this test could determine if it is a login/security issue or narrow down the root problem:

The script is quite elaborate. It is many hundreds of lines. But I was able to repro with a one line script that just does the ‘create web document from’. (And again, ‘download markup from’ works correctly.) If I reload the resulting web archive in DT, I do get the correct page, i.e., the full content for a logged in user.

So, is the problem fixed?

Nope, that script function still doesn’t do the right thing. It is arguably a workaround, but having to do any part by hand defeats the point of automating with a script. And in this case since there are a hundred or so items per week, it is a fairly lousy workaround.

‘create web document from’ is still broken in v2.6. This makes DEVONthink unusable for me. :frowning: Pretty please fix this.

It worked fine in v2.4 but hasn’t since.

‘download markup from’ still does continue to work properly. I don’t understand why these two commands communicate with the web server differently.

I’d suggest the forum isn’t the best place to diagnose a problem with a script that no one has seen. If you sent the script to Support (here or here or support_at_devontechnologies_dot_com), you can get faster personalized attention than the forum. Please include relevant console messages, if any, and addresses of web sites where you can reproduce the problem, and forward them to Support.

Yeah, looks like you are probably right. I guess I’ll do that. Regardless, thanks for your help.