Bug: Custom Data Columns disappear (Ver. 3.0.2)


i have this issue again. I think, there was an easy solution, but i can’t find it on the forum…

Maybe it is really a bug in this build.


Where exactly do the columns disappear and when?

The columns disappear when going to another group and back again. I just noticed that this only occurs on two custom data fields (out of 12). If it matters: one is boolean, one is decimal/number …

Screenshots before/after would be great just like a screenshot of the Preferences > Data. Thanks.

After some clicking and clicking, i also noticed now, that both fields appear/disappear when enabling/disabling only one (!). So i deleted the field which has the character “ä” in the identification name. Now the other field doesn’t disappear… Could it be, that the characters “ä, ö, ü” caused this issue?


DEVONthink uses unicode internally, therefore this shouldn’t matter actually.

OK, thanks! I think it is an internal conflict between two or more custom data fields.

Finally my solution was, to identify conflicted custom data fields by disabling one (by one) custom data column and see if another disappears too …