Bug: Drag and drop on DEVONthink & DEVONnote app/Dock ic

On DEVONnote:

  1. Dragging files/folders onto Dock icon will import them.
  2. Dragging selected text will create a new Rich text.
  3. Dragging a link from Safari’s address bar imports the link.

On DEVONthink:

  1. Same.
  2. Same.
  3. Dragging a link from Safari’s address bar opens a search window.

Another note: I think web-archiving is more useful since you can access the content off-line and you won’t waste a few seconds for the page to load. So, how about creating a web archive instead of a link when dragging a link to DEVONthink/note? And giving us an option to create a link when the option key is down (while drag and dropping).

Well, not quite the same for me.

Don’t use DEVONnote, but with DEVONthink it goes:

  1. Dragging File/Folder onto Dockicon -> Imports File/Folder.
  2. Dragging selected text -> Dockicon does not react (=does not “darken” to show it recognizes that soemthing is dragged on it), when you let go, selected text “bounces” back. Nothing happens.
  3. Dragging URL link from Safari’s Addressbar -> Dockicon does not react, when you let go, selected link “bounces” back. Nothing happens.

Maybe there’s a difference between Carbon and Cocoa applications, but since I’ve got no idea (and don’t really care) which of my apps are which, that’s not much help.

As I said before, it would be of INCREDIBLE value if one could use the Dockicon to actually add stuff to the database.

Same with me on all three counts. I’d be interested to see a response to this.


What version are you both using? I’m using DEVONthink 1.9.3 and DEVONnote 1.7 in Tiger 10.4.1.

I just tested it again. It seems like drag and dropping from text fields (even in Cocoa — like this box I’m writing on) or editable text editor window will open a Search box. But dragging from uneditable text window/area (such as some webpage content in Safari) will create a new rich text.

Dragging text from BBEdit (Carbon app) to the DT Dock icon opens the search window, btw.

Click and hold on the DT Pro Dock icon for a second or two. See all the options?

Yes I see the options, but I’m not sure how that applies here. pb is talking about dragging selected text and links to the dock icon, which doesn’t work for me in either program (DT PE or Pro). It does work to drag a file, such as a Word doc.

I was using 1.9.3 and OS 10.3.9. Now it’s the Pro beta and 10.3.9 (plan to upgrade to Tiger in July).

It does work if I copy the selected text, then right-click the Pro icon and select ‘New With Clipboard’ and then I can select a place to put it, which I really, really like. But it would be quick and easy to be able to drag things to the icon too. Just wonder why pb can do this and others of us can’t.

I do like the option to put the selection exactly where I want it!! I suspect I’ll use that more often than I would dragging anyway.


Have any of you tried the “Show Groups” command? It will allow you to drag what you like, where you like, when you like. Though it would be a bonus if we could activate this feature from the Dock Menu, I find keeping the groups mini-window minimized in the dock until needed is almost as good. Size and place it right and it ends up felling like a sticky pop menu of all your folders.


Okay, Eiron, this is entirely too cool!!! :laughing: I am trying it out and dragging everything I can find into folders. Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Ha!



Show Groups became useful for me after adding a group that’s sorted to the top of the list, with replicates in it to frequently accessed groups.

I usually import files via the DT Pro Files > Import > Files and Folders route. I’ve created a special group for receiving imports. Here’s how: Create a new group. Name it “Imports” if you wish. Now go to DT Pro Preferences and click on Imports. At the bottom of that panel you will see a scrollable button that will allow you to choose a destination group, e.g., Imports. That’s one way. (But imports using scripts will usually dump the new item(s) in you top level group, unless the script is specifically modified to offer a choice of groups or to send new items to a designated group.)

If you are a dragger and dropper by preference, here’s something you will probably love:

[1] Open DT Pro Preferences. Make sure that “Hide ‘Groups’ panel when inactive” is not checked.

[2] Select Tools > Show Groups. A new panel will be displayed. It displays all the groups in your database. Click on (or drag a file onto) a group. If there are subgroups, they will now be visible – and if they in turn contain subgroups, clicking or dragging onto them will display those subgroups, and so on.

[3] Size and move this panel for your convenience. Mine is on the right side of the screen, just wide enough to display the group names, and taking up the full vertical dimension of the screen. Now, grab the top of the panel and move it down to where the top is just showing at the bottom of the screen, and just above the area that triggers display of the Dock (I’ve got the Dock set to hide). It’s important that the green button be visible; when clicked, the almost hidden panel will jump back up to where you had last placed it (click the green button again, and the panel will jump back to screen bottom). Another approach would be to minimize the panel (click on the yellow button) instead of placing it near the screen bottom, and display it when needed by clicking on its icon in the Dock. Use the approach you prefer.

Now the Groups panel is available to you from any application, Carbon or Cocoa.

Here are some uses:

In the Finder, select one or more files that you wish to import. Now bring the Groups panel into view and drag the files to your chosen destination for them. Easy.

In any application, select text and/or images, pop up the Groups panel, and drag the selection to your chosen destination. This works with applications such as MS Word, which isn’t compatible with Services, or just about any application you may use. Neat!

How’s that? It’s much more versatile than dragging items onto the DT Pro Dock icon.

Bill, I’ve been using this idea for several days now and it works great (having the button bar accessible, clicking the maximize button to open it up, etc.)! This makes DT truly a ‘global’ application for me, since I can stick things where I want them from any program, while keeping the Groups window out of the way. I would love to see more of this kind of thing, where I can access DTs functions like I can access groups, from other applications. I do use the Services menu as well as the dock menu for things. But this kind of takes it to a new level for me.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, and thanks again to Eiron for first clueing me into this feature!


Wow, thanks! This is really neat. I’ll share another way to drag and drop globally inside (sub)folder. It’s not as elegant as having the Group panel, though. :slight_smile:

  1. Have one window open and hide DEVONthink.
  2. When you have something to import (either a file/folder in the Finder or selected text), drag and hold it then press command-tab to switch to DEVONthink.
  3. Once the main window shows up, browse and drop the stuff.