Bug: DT (Pro) 3.5.2 web clipper severely broken

With the last update the DT web clipper broke severely:

  • Clean capture fails for all types
  • Markdown capture fails completely

| Format | Capture mode: normal | clean |
| RTF | ok | broken (same output as normal) |
| HTML | ok | broken (same output as normal) |
| Web Archive | ok | broken |
| Note | ok | broken |
| Markdown | broken | broken |
| PDF (single) | ok | broken |
| PDF (multi-page) | ok | broken |

broken = saves .webloc instead of requested format

This feature is critical for me. Can I somehow downgrade to the previous version until you fix it?

(macOS Catalina 10.15.6, MacbookPro 2016)


Markdown works ok for me. What browser are you using?

Doesn’t matter. Safari. Chrome. DT internal… All the same.

Can anything else have happened simultaneously? A new web blocker? An update to one already present? Can you provide a specific link to something you are clipping, then I’m sure one of us will try it and post results (confirming or negating your findings, maybe helping you or DT to find a solution). You have presumably already restarted your device, just to be sure?

Maybe this is related.

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Yes, that looks like the same bug, indeed.

No dependency, already checked that. Same behaviour for any source URL.

DEVONthink captures bookmarks if it encounters an error. Reboot the machine and try again.

@BLUEFROG Same here.
All clipping now returns an empty HTML file. All requests sent to https://markdownifier.devontechnologies.com failed and the error is handshake_failure (40) - Unable to negotiate an acceptable set of security parameters, this probably means there are no cipher suites in common.

Can you try this in DEVONthink To Go ?

The clipping server seem restore working now.

Works with DT2G (my current workaround)

Similar problem, Safari & Chrome. Clipper capturing webloc only when trying for PDF or webarchive.
DT3 3.5.2; macOS 10.15.6.

Random Example URL https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/07/downing-street-defends-brexit-plans-for-northern-ireland

Help please!

Welceom @glueman

Did you reboot your machine per my instructions above?

Similar problem for me in Firefox:

When capturing a webarchive (clutter-free or not) from Firefox, in DT3 arrives only a webloc. :frowning:

And, yes, I have restarted my machine.

And the URL?


Which shows for me a proper page in both, Firefox and Safari.

I had no issue clipping this URL in Firefox 80.0.1.

Lucky you! :smirk_cat:

Tonight I’ll check all the details (FF version, etc).


Thanks for the reply: the issue has outlived several reboots.
I’d say it started happening in the last month or so.
I’ve had instances where the first attempt post reboot works: then it reverts to capturing bookmarks.
Cluttered and clutter-free give same results.
Workaround is to export as pdf from safari and drag into DT.