BUG & Feature: Auto group naming & placement

BUG: When a group is selected, and an item inside of that group is then selected, clicking the ‘Group’ button to group those items together should create that group inside of the currently selected group. This doesn’t always (usually in fact) seem to work, it often likes to create the new group at the highest level.

Feature request:
When creating a new group with only a single item, instead of the default text of ‘Grouped 1’ (or whatever it is), set the default text to match the title of the item (and since it’s preselected, if you want to change it, it’s still as simple as typing)

I see the bug with the inconsistency, but not necessarily that the first way is intended/correct.

That reminds me of this inconsistency:

Data > New > Group (Shift-Command-N) selects the “New Group #” text for editing and scrolls the view if necessary. But in certain views there’s no scrolling to the new position if necessary to see the selected renamed group. Summary:

• List, Split, and Three Panes views: no post-renaming scrolling
• Icons and Columns views: post-renaming scrolling

Workaround is to tap up/down or down/up arrow to scroll the view to the renamed group.

The next beta will improve this.

Excellent - thanks!