Bug? Feature request? - flexible smart rule to collect all past due reminders

So I’ve had a couple of documents with reminders come due. I noticed a “due this week” smart rule had been added to my smart groups area (was that there before?) but that it has the same base behavior / rule as History. All documents from all active silos.

Cool, I thought, I’ll add a rule that relates to those past due reminders. Should help me wade through to where I want to go.

Anyhow, after a few attempts, thought I would post. Every change I made seems to vanish.

Beta after all, right?

Mood: Anticipating.


This is probably a bug of beta 1. Which changes did you actually apply?

@cgrunenberg Hi there - Any change I make is ignored / not saved. The behavior of the rule is unchanged. Thanks.

Could you post a screenshot of the rule? Thanks!