BUG? Go to group command shows many unrelated groups

The “Go to Group” command triggered via shortcut “Cmd + Ctrl + G” is super useful. But it shows me many unrealted group names.

For instance I am searching for a group that has the keyword “Inserate” in its name. What I am seeing is many other group names that have no resemblence to that word.

Is this a bug?

It would appear so. @cgrunenberg would have to comment further.

The popover uses a fuzzy search, e.g. DT matches also DEVONthink.

That’s way too fuzzy then. Is there a way to turn off fuzzy search?


Partial words would be perfectly fine in finding whatever folder name we need. It would create less ambiguity. What do you think?

If you please have a look at the screenshot above, I need lots of phantasy to create a connection between my searchword “inserate” and all the search results DT offers me. I reckon there are many users who are confronted with the same situation.

We might change this in an upcoming release.

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Christian, I just realized that I have to re-think searching when fuzzy search is involved.

It can be powerful indeed. In the case of my search above I can search for “insbay”. That’ll directly filter the group name I was looking for.

So for me, this solves the problem of finding what I need. - But it would be nice to have the option to turn off fuzzy search. Or at least allow using " for literal keyword search like this: "inserate"

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The next release will support this.


I agree with the need for this and am grateful for the coming change. I would also greatly appreciate the following:

  1. Ability to exclude tags from “Go to Group” results. When I want to “Go to Group” I want to go to a group, not a tag. I can see how it is useful to also be able to “Go to Tag” and that would be a great command to use as well. Ability to exclude tags via a preference setting is preferred, but simply prioritizing actual groups ahead of tags in the results would also be sufficient.

  2. “Go to Group” results should prioritize groups in the current database. Results from other databases should be ranked lower in the results list.

Enabling the unified tags in the sidebar should change this.


Wow…I would never have thought that would affect this behavior! Much better…thank you.

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It’s nice that it can be changed, but wouldn’t a (hidden) preference make more sense? Just checked the version history and it’s not mentioned. No idea how we should know such things if there’s no preference and no mention.

Maybe trying out all preferences to see what they might affect? :wink: