Bug? Highlights from DTTG are not counted as PDF Annotations in DT3 search criteria

I have highlighted several PDFs in DTTG, and the highlights are showing up just fine in DT3 as Annotations, with a type of Highlight. If it’s useful, I use the light blue highlight from within DTTG.

I would like to create a smart group that looks for PDFs that have already been highlighted within the Inbox for the database. I am choosing to look for PDF Annotations greater than zero, and I have also tried PDF Annotations is not zero. Nothing is brought back either time.

However, when I take one of the files that should be showing up, and add a highlight WHILE IN DT3, the search is bringing back that file. Even though it’s still showing up as a PDF Annotation just like the highlights I made in DTTG, somehow it’s being counted as a “legitimate” PDF Annotation for the search only when I make that highlight in DT3.

I know there was an issue with not being able to see highlights made in other applications, but I feel like any highlights I make in DTTG should be counted just the same as if I had made them in DT3…


UPDATE: I tested this issue with using different colors of highlighting from within DTTG. It turns out that only the yellow highlighter is picked up as a PDF Annotation in DT3. I’m not sure if this is by design, but it does seem odd. But anyway, I am able to use yellow highlights and get it all to work.

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This seems to be a bug, the next release will fix this.


That would be great, as I just sync’d with a yellow-highlighted PDF from DTTG and it did not get “picked up” by the Smart Rule.

+1 this has been a longstanding issue for me as well.