BUG: imported email grouping inconsistency

I’m sure there is a valid reason for this, but it is a bit confusing. This is after a single Office Pro email import from a single folder using the ‘Import’, not ‘Import all’ button. Group Conv Threads is on, Import Complete is not. And yes, I do understand what they do and can guess what they are doing behind the scene, hence my comment about the valid reason… I’m just thinking from a usability stance :slight_smile:

This is why we don’t enable it by default. It only makes sense IMHO on large conversation threads where you include complete conversations. The threading is mostly identical what you would have seen in Netscape’s mail functionality (that had the best threading model ever).

Correct. :slight_smile:

I curse Mail’s “threading”, which doesn’t deserve to be called that. :wink:

Understood. I can deal with it.

Question: is there anyway (say Applescript) that you can take a group or selection of articles and run it through the threading code (ie 're-'grouping)?

In other words, I flatted a couple of groups of emails and have now realized that maybe I do want them threaded vs a single folder based on subject :wink:

All the metadata is present in one form or another. But you will need to implement it all from scratch.