Bug in DTTG 3.5.3 and Formatted Note

It seems like there is an issue with DTTG 3.5.3 in that it no longer can display Formatted Notes and would quit after a few seconds when trying to display a selection that is a Formatted Note.

I’m experiencing this on iPad OS 15.6

On iOS 15.6, it seems to be ok.

I can’t confirm that - I can open formatted notes in DTTG 3.5.3 on both iPhone and iPad with iOS/iPadOS 15.6 without crashes. Is this happening to you will all formatted notes (so even if you produce a simple formatted note containing the text “123”)?

Oh that’s interesting. There are 2 formatted notes that are crashing DTTG but looks like at least 1 other formatted note that I’m looking at isn’t causing a problem.

If I can find a way to upload the formatted note to this board, I will. I’m currently only having access to my iPad. Mac laptop is at home and would be easier to figure out how to upload the 2 offending notes to this board.

Probably if you hold off, DT support will chime in with an e-mail address which you could send them to, possibly with a request for you to send the logs at the same time.

On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Thank you.