Bug in fullscreen view mode when activity window is open?


When I use applications in fullscreen mode and toggle to DTPO by Cmd+Tab, the main window of DTPO doesn’t appear if the activity window of DTPO is not hidden. Only this activity window appears in such case. To make the main window visible it is necessary to go to menuebar > Window > name of the database. But if the activity window is closed, I can without any trouble toggle between applications in fullscreen mode and in DTPO the main window appears.

Is this a bug in DTPO, or is it a handling error?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

Are you using Total Spaces? I do and I’ve seen similar behavior with DEVONthink and other applications when Total Spaces is enabled and a child window is open. Usually, clicking the “missing” applications’ dock icon makes it appear.


Kind regards, Friedrich