Bug in smart rule? on open vs on open externally

I want to display a notification On Open (⌘O) of RTF files. It can display or not display when the file is opened externally, I don’t care.
If I open the file in an external editor (⇧⌘O) the notification is displayed, but it is not displayed if I just open (⌘O) the file.
Is it a bug ? Is there a workaround ?
thanks in advance for your time and help

Did you check the notification center? How did you open the document?

Yes, I checked the notification center. The proof that DevonThink notifications work is that I do get the notification but only when I open in external editor, not just open in DevonThink editor.
I open:

  • in the DT editor with ⌘O
  • in the external editor with ⇧⌘O

The latest internal build seems to work as expected, therefore the next maintenance release should fix this.

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Danke Christian