(bug?) links from tables in rtf-Text

Hi, no idea if this is a bug or something with my system:
When I create a new RTF-Text document in two-pane view (the fourth option) and create a (6x3) table, I frequently run into problems whenever I drag&drop or paste a lot of links into the table’s cells. The database crashes and the document is usually lost. Very annoying.
…using a MacBook with 1,83 Ghz and 1 Gb RAM.

Can you reproduce this?

Thank you,

Hi, Mark. I created a similar 6 X 3 table and populated it with links. No problem.

I then started adding multiple links in some of the cells. Again, no problem.

Note: My habit is to enclose links inside carat symbols like this: . That avoids problems when hitting Return after pasting in the link, such as inadvertently ‘extending’ the range of the link string into the next line. This would be important if you want to add multiple links to a cell, or on the same line inside a cell. Of course, you could first add an extra space and then do a backspace to avoid the problem, but it’s too easy to forget that.

Thanks for your answer Bill, but it only works with when the text of the external link shows the exact http location. What I (have to) do is the following:

  • drag and drop (!) the link from Safaris address bar into the DT document by clicking on the site’s symbol in Safari and dragging the Link into DT

-changing the text (the blue clickable text that appears in the document) to something different (like <http://www.devon-technologies.com/phpBB2/> or to DT forum.

Note that is is very inconvenient here to add a space or delimeters like <>. But I tried both methods, and it only works in cells when the link text is not changed. Everything else freezes my DT window when I click on another document and then on the “tables”-document again, so that I can not even close the db window.