BUG: Office Pro email import ignores import destination

If you import emails in the Office Pro version, it always stores those emails in the currently selected folder, not the Import Destination chosen in the preferences dialog.

This happens if you use the File > Import > Email window. If you import directly from Mail it will go to whatever you’ve defined as your import preference. This is also documented as such in the Online Help.

I’m using Entourage.

I’m assuming you mean using the Script ‘Add message(s) to DEVONthing’? Does this also group conversations, or just a straight import? Does it also import a message in the exact same format as File -> Import does (attachments, etc)?

I looked in the documentation before I sent this, and while I see that it says Scripts, etc use this preference, I didn’t see where this was mentioned for File -> Import.

In general: any information that is collected from within DT2 ends up in the location you had selected at that point. The exception being the Take Note tool (hence it’s a tool and not under the Data or File menus).

Ok, makes sense. Pain cause I always forget to choose inbox before I import but one of these days I’ll get sick of having to move them around and will remember!