Bug (?) on DEVONAgent Browser


I’ve used DA for a while and i noticed some strange behavior on the browser of DA.

Suppose that the DA Browser is open. On the left pane i see the title of page and relevance score and on the right pane the content of the website. So on the left pane we have something like this :

relevance score 1 - website Title 1
relevance score 2 - website Title 2
relevance score 3- website Title 3

If i select website Title 2 (the area gets shaded) and press Delete then :

a) The website Title 3 is automatically selected (shaded) but
b) The right pane shows content of website Title 1 - since website 2 got Deleted (…!!)

Is this normal operation? I would expect that when i delete a website entry for the browser to advance on the next line of the left pane BUT also show the correct website content!

Thank you

After some testing I was finally able to reproduce this:

The Backspace key is used by Mac OS X’s WebKit to go back if the web page has the focus, meaning that this shortcut can be only used to delete the currently visible web page if the list of results has the focus.

To avoid this, you could either use Cmd-Backspace or click the Delete button at the bottom of the window.