Bug on my computer or 3.0 - phantom open windows

After testing the 3.0 beta for a few days (many close and open, and testing of different scripts), I just found out that the window list of 3.0 is showing many open windows, but in fact, I have no window opened. I tried to close and re-open 3.0, restart macOS, drag DEVONthink 3.app to trash and download and re-install 3.0. But the list of phantom windows just stays there.
Finally, I tried my luck by calling up one preset workspace (opt-shift-cmd-1), and after that, all phantom open windows in the list are gone.
I have no idea why this happened if this situation occurs again how should I send and report the error log to DT?

The logs wouldn’t help in this case, only a description of what you did before, which scripts you’ve executed etc.

Many. But I think the most suspicious one is the one I modified (very patchy work by me) from DT’s bundled “Open in Two Windows”. I will send the script to tech support email development@devontechnologies.com.

That’s indeed possible. A buggy script can easily make windows (almost) invisible.