Bug or feature? DEVONthink removes tags from documents in trash (sometimes)

When I delete a document with tags (using “move to trash”) and then move the document again from trash back to the database all tags are gone. If I use “Edit → Undo delete” the recovered document still has its tags.

I would rather expect that by moving a document from trash back into the database the tags of the document would still exist (like using “Edit → Undo delete”)

What kind of tags, e.g. group or ordinary tags? And did you just move them back on your own or use undo which is recommended?

ordinary tags. And, yes, I know that edit → undo is recommended. But sometimes I realise that I have to un-delete a document after I deleted others. In that case I cannot use edit → undo

If you look at the document in the database’s Trash, the ordinary tags are not present.

Undoing the deletion shows the tags again…

I know, but sometimes the edit-undo command is not useable, as I stated above:

In those cases I have to move the documents manually from the trash folder and then the tags are gone.

I was confirming the behavior and responding to @cgrunenberg.

Simply moving the untagged item back can’t restore the tags as tags are basically replicants inside the Tags group, only undo can and does.

Increasing the sync interval (see Preferences > RSS) increases also the lifetime of undo after database operations like trashing.