Bug or feature: Moving files using "Classify" removes tags

I like the classify feature a lot! However, sometimes the desired locations do not show up in the suggestions in the sidebar. In these cases I am simply tagging the files. There is one special situation where DTPO works different from what I would expect: The target file should go to location A and B (as replicants). A shows up as a suggested location but not B. I am tagging the target file with B and move it to A using classify. This results in the tag B being removed from the file. Is this as it should be? (Of course I could simply tag the the target with A and B and omit moving the file). Thanks, Thomas

I’m assuming that the tags in question are folder groups that have tagging enabled? If so, the Classify command will clean up any existing replicants of a document and a group tag is just a another form of a replicant. This is mentioned in the manual under the ‘See Also & Classify’ section:

Note: Any replicants of the document you are moving are deleted. The document is only placed in the new locations which allows you to precisely classify the document again without having to manually clean up the old replicants.

You can do a couple of things to get around this. First, regular tags (in the Tags group) are not removed when you classify, so you can use the ‘Move To’ command from the See Also & Classify pane. If you want to retain group tags, you can (instead of clicking the ‘Move To’ button) drag the document to a group in the See Also & Classify pane and the group tags will be retained.

Thanks for clarifying this feature for me! It does make sense.