Bug or normal: creating a new file under tags will create a replicate in the local inbox

While testing other stuff, I find that if I create a new file (rtf, text, markdown, etc) under “Tags” or any of the sub-tags groups, a replicate will also be created in the inbox of the database, too. I understand that I am not supposed to create new file directly under tags, but in this case I want to.

More strangely, if I delete that file from the inbox, the file in the tags group will be deleted, too (abnormal. Because deleting a replicate shouldn’t delete all instances of a file). But if I delete the same file from the tags group, the file will remain in the inbox (normal).

I tested it with three of my databases and observe the same behaviour.


Yes that is correct on all counts including the admonition you should not create files in the Tags groups (hence the behavior you’re seeing, which is by design).

Thanks. Actually, it make sense now. To prevent user who accidentally create/move files into tags and directly delete those files under the tags later - thinking that the originals are still in the database somewhere.

People would also delete the Tag groups, this deleting the only copy of the file.

I need to get out more. I just discovered this behavior. It’s wildly cool.


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