Bug? Renaming a sheet

I created a new sheet, I selected Rich Text for the 4 columns. The name was New Sheet 3
Once I had it organised as I wanted I converted it to HTML using R click/convert.
I then renamed the file to Links.
Now when I select that file the Tab displays New Sheet 3, as does the file name in the toolbar.
I have tried renaming the file, rebooting my computer etc to no avail.
No matter what I do, even though the file is named as Links & displays in the top pane as such, the Tab displays it as New Sheet 3.
Some background, when I created & changed the name of this file, I did have another tab open with another file from a different group named Links - I’ve since renamed that file (which isn’t a sheet) to something else.

Does the sheet or the conversion to HTML display the wrong name? The conversion is not updated after changing or renaming the sheet.

I changed the name on the HTML file, the original I deleted.
I tried changing the name of the original in the trash & restoring in the original group. (as below)
As you can see in the attached pic, I have the html “links” selected, but it shows as New Sheet 3 on the tab. The original file is below it.

The HTML conversion includes a title and rendered web pages use this title for windows/tabs. You could edit the source of the HTML page and remove the <title>...</title> definition.

I’m not worried about it, I can just make another sheet correctly named before I convert it. Editing HTML is a bit beyond me. I posted this because I thought it might be a bug that needs fixing in a later update

The HTML conversion is indeed intended that way, e.g. for the web server or the website export.

ok thanks

Just as a teaching moment

HTML files can use View > Document Display > Side-by-Side. Here I simply searched for <title> (though you could leave out the greater and less than symbols), and highlighted the title text.

And after a quick edit…

And note the title of the window is changed as well.

Thanks very much for going to the effort to show me that.
Not as hard as I thought.

You’re welcome. And yeah, this is a pretty simple operation, so I thought I’d whip up a little example for you. Cheers! :slight_smile: