BUG REPORT DT3: Bookmarks lose their URLs

Hello, thank you for a fantastic update to DT. I’m really enjoying the beta of DT3.

I believe I found a bug. The steps to reproduce it are simple:

  • Assuming you have two or more bookmarks captured in DT3 (file extension .webloc)
  • Select two or more of those bookmarks.
  • Right click to open the contextual menu for the selected bookmarks.
  • Select Mark -> As Unread
  • After a moment the two (or more) selected bookmarks lose their URL (the URL field in the inspector becomes blank).

I’ll add a set of screenshots (How do you youngsters make those gifs that capture your screen?)

Thank you.

The new DT3 sorter can capture the screen :upside_down_face:

Thanks @rfog, I need to play more with the new sorter. I can see that it can capture video from my webcam, and also can capture screenshots of the entire screen, a window or a screen selection. But I can’t seem to make it record a movie of the screen. Is that possible?

No. The Video Note is made for recording from a connected webcam or built-in camera.

Thanks for the steps to follow. I have reproduced the issue here and Development will be made aware of it. Cheers!

Sorry. I saw the thing but not had time to test it.

Thanks for the feedback, already fixed.