Bug report: search results crash or do nothing

Hi. I checked your Support page and FAQ for the forums but I don’t see where we’re supposed to report bugs.

If I search for a keyword in DTTG, then tap a result that’s a bookmark, it takes me to an in-app browser, then if I go back to the results and tap another, one of two things happens:

  • it does nothing (no browser/preview anymore)
  • the app crashes

This is easily reproduced on my newly purchased and sync’d DTTG. This was, literally, the first search I did after syncing. :frowning: So please let me know how I can give you more information to help you fix this. It’s a big problem for me. Thanks!

The problem with the search results not responding when you return to them should be fixed in the next point release. However, for the crash, please start a Support Ticket by pressing the Help button on DTTG2’s Home screen and choosing Contact Us.

Awesome. Thanks for the response.

I tried logging the bug in DTTG as you describe but I get this error message.


Just a theory… Is DTTG trying to launch the Apple mail client? I use Google Inbox as my mail app on iOS so I don’t want or need to set up the Apple iOS mail client to send/receive for me. It would waste space on the phone and, well, I just don’t need the Apple client for anything else.

I’m happy to send files or emails any other way with context on the crash problem if that’s possible. Thanks again.

(EDIT: clarified iOS)