Bug Report

I love using DTPO. I am setting up smart folders which are related to specific projects. I have discovered that when I try to include emails in that smart folder, when I first paste in an address for the “TO” field and then again to the “FROM” field and select “ANY” and include the TAG field, at first It populates nicely and includes all emails related to that project. Click away from that smart folder (after saving) and click on It again and, no emails are pulled in anymore. Just the tag related data. When I paste again in the TO and the FROM fields, It populates again - until I again click away and then re-select It.

Using From matches address@address.org
Using To matches address@address.org
Using Tag matches “TagNameofGroup"

I am assuming that this is a bug?


UPDATE: After posting this (using DTPO) I clicked back and all the emails were showing again. I clicked open the search criteria - did nothing and closed It, still there, clicked away and clicked back - still gone. There is something about clicking on the saved search that is not saving quite right FWIW.

Do you use global smart groups or smart groups in databases? And which view do you use?

  1. smart goups in database
  2. “as three panes"

I was able to reproduce the bug, the next maintenance release will fix it. Thanks!