Bug Saving from Word to DT3

I am using DT3 3.9.3 and the initial release of Sonoma.

For years I have very frequently used the Save PDF to Devonthink 3 dialog in Microsoft Word. There now seems to be a bug.

If I have a document opened in Word and I execute this scenario, the proposed name for the file is not the name of the file I am using; instead it now proposes the name of a previous file for which I used this feature.

It never did this until my upgrade to Sonoma and 3.9.3, which I did simultaneously.

If you search the forums, you’ll find there are problems with Sonoma, and also why we don’t advocate upgrading until the first or second point release.

I am not seeing this issue. However, the application name is prefixed to the output. Also, I’m seeing a major issue with some of the fonts in Word’s PDF output. However, that’s not a DEVONthink issue.

By the way, the Save PDF to DEVONthink 3 is just using an alias to the application to receive the PDF generated by the sending application/operating system. It’s not making the PDF.

I tried it a different Mac with Ventura 13.5 and also DT3 3.9.3 - the “bug” is there.

What might I be doing different than you?

Problem fixed - it was caused by an update to Microsoft Word I did about a week ago.

I just updated to the current version of Word for Mac and it is fine.

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