Bug: Search filters disappear

dtpo 2.7.4.

  • shift + cmd + f
  • advanced…
  • select ‘word count’ in dropdown
  • ‘is less than’
  • textfield: 7500
  • click on the first plus button
  • select ‘word count’ in the first dropdown of the new row
  • ‘is greater than’
  • textfield: 500
  • OK
  • advanced…

now the row with the filter ‘is greater than’ is gone…

The latest version is 2.7.5.

This is how the Smart Group criteria works. You can only fo this by added a sub-criteria group, holding the Option key to show the ellipsis button.


smart group? i am talking about search not smart groups.

cannot confirm. does not work. even within a sub-criteria it gets removed as i have explained above

Compound predicates in the advanced search option as well as in smart groups are constructed the same. I just created what you are looking for using the advanced search option:

greg, yes, i didnt realize you had to do it this way.
that’s definitely… interesting :wink:

thanks. then i guess i should change it to ‘feature request’, though the current behavior is odd :wink:

I agree-creating compound predicates is not as intuitive as it could be.