Bug: Stamping PDF/A files results in broken text layer (since macOS Ventura 13.1)


i see here the described bug since update to Ventura 13.1. Can someone confirm, that this issue comes with this update?

@DEVONthink teaM: please fix, if it is possible…


Most likely it’s an issue of the PDFkit framework, maybe related to the used documents and their contents/fonts. Does editing/annotating the same document e.g. with Preview also break the text layer?

Editing/Annotating with Preview App doesn’t break the text layer, but editing/annotating in Devonthink does!

Does this affect all documents? Or only certain ones?

So far, the text layer has only been destroyed in PDF/A files.

Any chance that you could send such a document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thank you!

Yes… just a moment!