[BUG] Table of Contents cannot navigate titles with the same name On markdown

[DEVONthink 3 3.7.2]

That’s a limitation of MultiMarkdown, unique titles are therefore recommended.

That begs the question whereto you’d want it to navigate?

Multimarkdown supports an internal link on section headings for such cases.

For example, this link…

… points to the top heading…

Note the rendering doesn’t show the heading’s link.
Also, note the Table of Contents inspector partially shows the link.

The headings in MultiMarkdown’s HTML output use all the same id if the title is the same.

Test Markdown File…

Converted to HTML…

Here are the two files…
headings.zip (4.0 KB)

Thanks, now it’s more obvious that you’re not using the same ids :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

And support added to the next build: