Bug: Tag bar in PDF Window resizing


opening a pdf in its own window (no tag bar visible at the bottom), tags can be seen by doing CMD+Alt+Ctrl+T. This opens the tag bar at the bottom, the window has the same size as before, the PDF view is smaller.
Doing it again hides the tag bar but the window does not resize, the PDF view stays the same.


I’m not seeing this – over here the toggle shortcut makes the tag bar appear and disappear below the PDF window, but the PDF window retains its dimensions.

What versions of DEVONthink and OS X are you using? Multiple page or single-page PDF? Is the PDF sidebar visible?

True, actually. The changing scrollbar threw me off. I change my earlier bug report to another one though :wink:

When the window is at the very bottom, showing the tag bar makes the window NOT resize and therefor I can’t see the tag bar at all. and 10.6.8. single page pdf, no sidebar visible