BUG: Web pages are always added as uncategorized

I have encountered an annoying bug :exclamation: with the Safari scripts for bookmarking and archiving pages. Rather than appearing in the currently selected category, they always appear in the top/uncategorized area. To make matters worse :angry: , when there are many categories, it is very hard to select the uncategorized items.

May I have a fix for this bug?
(Because it is certainly not a feature)

It’s actually intentional, future releases will use the incoming group. But as scripts can be easily customized, just open the script in Apple’s Script Editor and replace “create record with {…}” either with

  • “create record with {…} in current group” to store the web archive in the currently selected group
  • “create record with {…} in incoming group” to store the web archive in the group specified for new notes in the preferences

That sounds easy :smiley:
What script should I edit? (And where can I find it?)

The scripts (e.g. “Add web archive to DEVONthink.scpt”) for Safari are located in the folder ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari. But you should save the modified script with a different name.

This almost works.
The script works if I execute it directly. But if I use the archive javascript in safari, then it is not executed.
Also, I want to place links in the current group, in addition to web archives. How do I achieve that?

Bookmarklets can’t be customized yet.

Just apply the above modifications to the used script.

You can click “Go” the little house button at the top left, that will bring you to the top, the uncategorized items.

In the Three Panes view of the top level of the database, all uncategorized (ungrouped) items are listed in the upper right pane.